Strength Motivation And Courage

Established 2002

SMAC Running Club
Junior High/Middle School Cross Country and Track, Loveland, Ohio

Established 1993

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SMAC Practice Locations

o         Symmes Township Park, Symmes Township

o         Weller Park, Montgomery

o         Hopewell Meadows Park, Symmes Township

o         Miami Riverview Park, Miami Township

o         Paxton-Ramsey Park, Miami Township

o         Loveland Trail Downtown, Loveland

o         Loveland Trail Arrowhead, Miami Township

o         Landon/Deerfield Park, Deerfield Township

o         Miami Meadows Park, Miami Township

o         Phillips Park, Loveland

o         Cottell Park, Deerfield Township

o         Loveland High School Track, Loveland

o         Milford Junior High, Milford



SMAC Running Club, Loveland, Ohio
Comprised of students from the schools of
St. Columban & St. Margaret of York
 and other parochial schools near Loveland, Ohio.


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