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SMAC 2007 Track Season Summary

SMAC 2008 Track Season Summary (below)


SMAC 2008 Track Season Summary

SMAC Track had a great 2008 season, with 23 girls who gave it their all. Rita Maricocchi, Abby Cundiff, Alaina Kappner, Alex Schirmer, Claire Williams, Elise McConnell, Emily Ogden, Hayley Hilberg, Kelly Snider, Mackenzie Norman, Lauren Walsh, Mary Palmer, Molly Kelsey, Kelly McCabe, Bridget Clancy, Christina Tefend, Dani Dailey, Katelyn Sussli, Katrina Maricocchi, Kelly Martin, Lanie Ryan, Emily Hunt, and Josie O’Connel each kept the SMAC traditions alive as they worked hard and soared to great heights this year.

We started off the season with lots of fun, but we were ready to put it all on the line when it was time to get serious.


Sycamore Meet

It was the first meet of the year, and everything was nice and wet; that meant no high jump or long jump. This was also the girls first public meet, with spikes, starter blocks and hurdles. SMAC scored 2nd place with 73 points. (We don’t exactly know how much Loveland got because they combined all Loveland A, B, and C team scores to get 165 points.)


Loveland Meet

We saw some more tough competition, this was another public school meet. SMAC came in on their home turf at Loveland track, without spikes or starter blocks- but armed with blankets and team spirit and we managed to get 5th out of 15 with 35 points.


St. James Invitational

As SMAC worked harder and continued to set the bar higher, we grew not only in physical strength, but also emotional toughness. We went in with are heads held high, gave it our all, and came out with a 3rd place.


SMAC East/West  

This was an unusual meet, not only because there was no team scoring, but also because SMAC was hosting it!! With jelly legs from running to and fro, sunburn, and sore joints; it was all worth it in the end because SMAC ran the smoothest meet of the season. But lets not forget- we also had a singer for the National Anthem: Kelly Snider! Even though the West beat the East, the East picked up the slack and was extremely close in points to the West… Let’s see if we can beat them next year!


Sacred Heart

What is SMAC without bad weather? Since it was wet and extremely cold, the girls decided to turn up the heat! Without field events, many girls surprised themselves at how well they did in other running events that they normally did not do. The girls worked hard and came away with a second. But listen to this; they only missed first by one point!


Queen of Peace

The SMAC girls really showed their team unity and pride in this meet to welcome back Katelyn Sussli, a runner who was out due to an injury, and who also served as assistant coach for half of the SMAC season. But with good news, there is also bad news. This was a send-off meet to all of the St. Columban 8th graders, who were not going to be physically present at the championship meet. This meet really showed how dedicated the girls were. The SMACers walked home with a 6th place and a smile on their face.


CYO City Championship 

Now it was the younger SMACers time to shine. First, we had Abby Cundiff snatch first away from Olivia Jester in the 100 meter dash. Then, we had the new 4x400 team break the CYO record (St. James just broke it even more…) And finally, we had Kelly Martin step up to take the position of honorary captain in the absence of Dani, Katelyn and Katrina. We SMACers made everyone proud by earning a 3rd place with 46 points and for all of the effort everyone put into the season.


But that’s just the meets… not all of track is gut-grinding work. What about Buffalo Wild Wings at one in the morning to celebrate, or goofy relay races complete with bear-crawls and somersaults? Or what about all of the strength, motivation, and courage shown on March 18th at Symmes Park? To wrap the season up before the 8th graders left, we had one last event; The SMAC-a-thon. At this fun meet, all of the SMACers were divided into 3 teams and had to choose four events that they did not usually do in meets- and what a blast that was!


In the end- it’s neat to see how we have all grown stronger as a team and as friends. Thank you to all of the people who made this season wonderful, and we look forward to many more great seasons to come.

By: Alaina Kappner


2008 Girls Individual Results



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