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SMAC Running Club
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Cross Country History

SMAC Cross Country History

2007 Season Summary (below)

2008 Season Summary

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2007 Season Summary

Dani Dailey, Katrina Maricocchi, Katelyn Sussli, Hayley Hillberg, Alaina Kappner, Claire Williams, Megan Downey, Katherine Holly, Rita Maricocchi, Molly McGeeney, Courtney Naber, Caitlyn Rowane, Hannah Sagel, Sarah Stark, Danielle Stiene, Randi Dailey, Maggie Moeller, and Rebecca Shulte.  These are the names of the girls who sweated, worked their hardest, and sometimes lost their lunches…the 2007 SMAC Cross Country Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          This was SMAC’s biggest cross country team ever, eighteen girls.  And it was one of the greatest cross country teams ever!  There was also another first this season.  SMAC’s season record was 81-14…the best ever for SMAC Cross Country!!!  From nine meets in which everyone did great to two new “nuts”, SMAC had a sensational season.  The first meet was the Moeller Meet.  The temperature was over one hundred degrees so the race was shortened to one and a half miles instead of two.  But no worries, through the intense heat SMAC still did great and kept their unbelievable spirits up. 


          Some other meets in which SMAC participated in were Hillsboro- fourth place, Mason- fifth place, Milford- second place, New Richmond- second place, St. Xavier- fourth place, Wyoming- second place, and the All-Star Meet- which was done individually by only some girls.  Along with the Moeller Meet, Wyoming and Mason were also very warm, just not warm enough to stop the SMAC’ers!!!  Hillsboro was by far the earliest meet but there was nice weather. J  The Xavier meet was pretty cool because to finish we got to run across the football field!  But one of the best meets was city championships.  All of the SMAC’ers put forth their best effort so the team could finish in first place for the small schools division for the fifth time in six years!!!  GO SMAC!!!


          The 2007 SMAC Cross Country Team could not have achieved its great success without its coaches or eighth grade captains.  The captains were Katelyn Sussli and Dani Dailey who did an absolutely wonderful job as team leaders especially with how many new runners there were.  The coaches for SMAC were Dave Prenger, Dave Robinson, Kim Dailey, and SMAC’s very own photographer, Kim Downey.  Along with these four there were many other parents that helped out and encouraged us to do our best.  Coach Robinson, one of the assistant coaches joined the team in the middle of the season and started coming one or two days a week.  But the “SMAC BUG” quickly bit him and now he comes to all of the runs and is helping out with SMAC Track.  The head coach was Dave Prenger.  He did a sensational job and made running fun for the team just as he has done for the past 6 years as a head coach for SMAC Cross Country. 


          Putting SMAC into words is extremely difficult because there is so much spirit and fun and hard work going on at every practice that you can’t help but want to be a part of it all.  Their spirit shines through their pink uniforms, when they scream SMAC while they stretch and at the end of a meet or practice where they do a prayer circle praying to 9 specific saints and shouting meaningful quotes.  Even though the SMAC team has a great attitude and a lot of spirit, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be pretty sneaky and unpredictable.  But through all of SMAC’s unpredictability you can always be sure of one thing…we wear our pink with pride!

By:  Rita Maricocchi


SMAC Running Club, Loveland, Ohio
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