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Past Treasure Hunt

(In color just because we are cool like that)

It all started at a very ordinary pancake run at Coach Robinson’s house…

        The girls knew something was up. Period. They found out what it was on a chilly winter pancake run- they found a box with different clues, such as the Declaration of Independence, a few maps and old letters and a gold watch with the clue “THE SECRET LIES WITH ISABELLA”… A treasure hunt had begun. It didn’t take Dani Dailey long to solve the number puzzle extracted from the Declaration- (with nothing other than grape juice, of course) our first stop on the hunt was White Pillars.

        At White Pillars, we discovered that Washington did NOT fight against the South to end slavery (Katelyn Sussli…) and we needed to follow his lead down Valley Forge to Ramsey Paxton’s grave. But that’s not all. We also saw some pretty houses with balconies and met some friendly people on our ‘educational history lesson’.

        Next we ran to the Kansas District Schoolhouse, which was located very close to Symmes Park (and is currently someone’s house).  Then we also went to the home that used to belong to the Rich family, and we learned that a family discovered the Rich’s log cabin inside their modern home, and that they dismantled it and set it up a mile and a half away. So of course, we had to run to the oldest standing log cabin in Loveland- it was pretty cool. We got to run through tons of woods- led by Coach Robinson (just so we wouldn’t get lost.) Good thing SMACers pay attention to their surroundings though, or we would have passed the cabin right up…

        Then we solved a clue that told us to go to ‘The place where the knights went round and round’. This was tricky. We either could go to the Loveland Castle, which Harry Andrews built by himself and completed in 1980- where the Knights of the Round table could meet, or Castle Skateland where the Knights could go round and round on the skating rink. We decided to go to Castle Skateland first- just to find out that we were wrong and had to go back to Loveland Castle.

        After that we figured out that we had to find a ‘Fredrik’ underneath a tree in Kerr Cemetery. Hm… there are a bunch of trees- but none have a Fredrik under them. Wait; never mind. We found the tree on the gravestone.  Using our extremely sharp brains, we figured out we needed to head over to 220 Riverside Drive- which was the former Shield's Crossing Restaurant (also currently a residential home). Then, thank goodness SMACers are known for paying attention to where we were going- (ha ha) we went to The Loveland National Bank. It was founded in 1903 as a private bank. From the bank we traveled into downtown Loveland to the DeGolyer/Wagner Building; which was the first brick building in Loveland.It was nicknamed "Seven Smokes" because in the 1920's and 30's many small fires started there. We were tired, but we weren't done yet. We climbed up a big hill to see the original steps to St. Columban's old church. 

     Boy, we knew we were close now! We then ran to the Presbyterian Church (the oldest church in Loveland), the Covered Bridge (the first wagon bridge in Loveland), ‘Solomon’s Temple’ (NOT the one in Jerusalem…) and the Works, previously a water stop, fire station, and now a restaurant. Along the way we got to cheer a bear up by giving him a hug and a pat on the back for munching on doughnut (he didn’t run fast enough to escape). Unfortunately, Jake a.k.a. doughnut- wasn’t there that day to see the little jab at him… but we had a good laugh anyways.

        The search was wrapping up with a visit to Old Symmes Station. Now where? We had to go to and old train depot… The Runners Depot! In the small store, we all had to lay on the floor, close our eyes, and broaden our minds to get the next clue. (Actually the adults just wanted to laugh at us doing all of that pointless yoga.) We then discovered a chest in the Runner’s Depot’s basement- but it had a lock! Lucky Randi was paying attention to the emails sent out; “The treasure is 213 years old…” The key was 213- and inside the box we discovered many curious gold bricks with letters and pictures on it. We hauled the chest and the bricks over to the Works so we could eat and solve the puzzle at the same time. It was confusing, but we finally put the map together, flipped up the bricks and found the message... "Wait a minute. Where IS Rita?" everyone wondered.

Upcoming Treasure Hunt(s)

"The secret lies with Rita."


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