Strength Motivation And Courage

Established 2002

SMAC Running Club
Junior High/Middle School Cross Country and Track, Loveland, Ohio

Established 1993

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2006 Girls Cross Country Archive


2006 Team Picture


August 14th Handout


August 23rd Handout


August 28th Handout


August 30th Handout


September 4th Handout


September 6th Handout


September 11th Handout


September 13th Handout


September 18th Handout


September 20th Handout


September 25th Handout


September 27th Handout


October 2nd Handout


October 4th Handout


October 9th Handout


October 12th Handout


October 24th Handout





SMAC Running Club, Loveland, Ohio
Comprised of students from the schools of
St. Columban & St. Margaret of York
 and other parochial schools near Loveland, Ohio.


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