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SMAC Cross Country Dictionary

Cool-down Lap:  A short lap around half a mile done after the workout is completed and before the stretching.  This is done to warm down the muscles after the workout is done.

Edgar:  The bush on the far right of the line of five bushes on the left side of the big field at Symmes Park.

Ferwin:  The first small tree on the left of  the big field at Symmes Park that is often used as a mark for the lunges part of the plyometrics routine.

Fred:  The tree on the far left on the left of the big field at Symmes Park named by former SMAC'ers.

Lil' SMAC'ers:  Runners who are not yet on the team because of their young age but still show their SMAC spirit.  In other words they are "future SMAC'ers."

Meet:  A word referring to a Cross Country Race that is two miles long for runners 5-8th grade.  Teams from all over the area come and race against each other.  A meet is scored by combining the finishing places of the top five runners from your team.  The common goal of all the teams is to have the lowest score.

Melinda:  The middle bush in the row of five bushes on the left of the big field at Symmes Park.  Often the mark for the different exercises that make up the plyometrics routine.

Mount SMAC:  The large hill in the back of Symmes Park named by former SMAC'ers.

Negative Split:  A negative split refers to a 2 mile cross country time in which the second mile is faster than the first.  For example say you ran a 16:30 two mile time and your first mile was 8:20 and your second mile was 8:10, you would have ran a negative split that race.  Also, a negative split is a good thing, and something a runner should strive for during the season.

"Nuts":  A nut is a SMAC Cross Country runner that portrays a funny and "nutty" personality.  A nut could also be someone who does funny and random things often and throughout the season.  The current nuts can be found in the Girls Cross Country Archives under "Nut" List.  And any SMAC runner is eligible to become a nut, and they are usually chosen by the current coach of the girls cross country team.

Pasta Parties:  These are done the night before each meet and are also known as "carbo-loading."  Each of the families pair up and take a turn hosting one of the pasta parties.  At a carbo-loading, different variations of pasta and sides are served and fun games and crafts are done.  Also it gives the runners a chance to get to know each other and socialize.

Perseverance:  The act of never giving up even when it's hard, and you have an extremely persistent cramp.  SMAC'ers often scream perseverance when running intervals up Mount SMAC.

Plyometrics:  Plyometrics are  a type of exercise training done to improve your performance in a particular sport,  (in this case running.)  SMAC's plyometrics are done after the warm-up lap and stretching and before the workout begins.

Prayer Circle:  The prayer circle is done after the cool-down lap and stretching.  The coach picks someone to lead the circle and it starts of with the Hail Mary.  Then the leader says the nine saints somehow significant to SMAC.  (The list is located in Girl's Cross Country Archives under SMAC Saint List.)  Then the current captains lead the team in the quotes "The pride you gain is worth the pain", "Veni, Vidi, Vici", and "Dream, Believe, Achieve."  Then everyone as a team says "Go SMAC!" and smacks their foreheads.

Senior SMAC'ers:  Past SMAC'ers who are no longer physically part of the team; they are SMAC'ers who have "graduated" but still have team spirit.  Senior SMAC'ers still show up for summer and winter runs and the Cross Country Alumni Meet to join in with the SMAC spirit!

Shortie:  The bush to the left of Melinda on the left of the big field at Symmes Park.  It is the largest of the bushes but still named Shortie.

Skipps:  The second tree on the left of the big field at Symmes Park after Ferwin.  As it's name implies, it is often skipped.

SMACathon:  A SMAC Cross Country tradition often done on Thursday, the last day of every week's practice, for some fun and light running.  In a SMACathon all of the girls are divided into teams typically containing 4-8 girls.  Then all of the teams compete in five different running events some fun, some serious.

SMAC'er:  A term used to describe a person who is of SMAC.  Whether they are a runner or a parent or even a visiting cousin that comes to the runs they are considered SMAC'ers because of their spirit and enthusiasm for SMAC.

SMACinary:  Something that is imaginary to the ordinary eye, but only SMAC'ers can see it.

SMAC Money:  SMAC Money is fake dollar bills given out after the prayer circle to the runners for spirit, spectacular performances, and other significant things.  It is given out by the coach and collected by the girls.  At the end of the season everyone counts their SMAC Bucks and turns them in.  The runner with the most SMAC Money wins the Golden Shoe, second place- the Silver Sock, and third place- the bronze shoelace.

SMACtacular:  A word used to describe something or someone who's more than spectacular... they're SMACtacular!!!

Smink:  The newest color of pink that Crayola should come out with.  A cross between SMAC and pink "Smink".  It was founded by Katrina Maricocchi (Senior SMAC'er).

Smorkchop:  The other white meat.  Yes Dani, it does come from a pig!!!

Spirit Day:  The day of practice, often Thursday, in which all of the SMAC'ers dress up and accessorize in pink and blue.  From pink hair paint to pink and blue arm decorations each and every SMAC'er will find their own way to show their spirit.  This is often the same day as the weekly SMACathon.

Stretching:  Stretching is done after the warm-up and cool-down laps.  During each stretch the runners scream (loudly) "S-M-A-C, S-M-A-C, X-C, SMAC Cross Country!"

Warm-up Lap:  A short lap around half a mile that is taken before the team stretches.  It is done to stretch out the muscles before the workout begins.  

Wilma:  The bush second from the left in the line of bushes on the left of the big field in Symmes Park.  It was named during the 2007 Cross Country Season.













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