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Established 2002

SMAC Running Club
Junior High/Middle School Cross Country and Track, Loveland, Ohio

Established 1993

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Cross Country Year-End Individual Awards
SMAC Saint List, Past Captains, and "Nut" List

SMAC Saint List: (year they were added and by whom) St. Margaret of York (2002, original), St. Columban (2002, original), St. Polycarp (2002, original), St. Susanna (2005, Mackenzie Harrell), St. Ralph (2006, Stephanie Niemiec), Santa Claus (aka. St. Nick, 2006, Rosie Carter), St. Josephine (2006, Abbey Hnat), St. Sebastian (2007, Coach Prenger), St. Francis of Assisi (2007, Danielle Stiene )

SMAC Cross Country Captains List:  2002: none; 2003: none; 2004: Holly Schnicke & Mary Price; 2005: Jenna Pilipovich & Natalie Torbeck; 2006: Lauren Paasch & Cassie Miller; 2007: Dani Dailey & Katelyn Sussli; 2008:  Alaina Kappner & Rita Maricocchi; 2009:  Rita Maricocchi, Katherine Holly, & Molly McGeeney, 2010:  Kelly Fuller, Maria Weisgerber, & Rebecca Schulte, 2011:  

SMAC “Nut” List:  Donut-Jake Haigis, Zero- Megan Downey , One-Lauren Paasch, Two- Dani Dailey , Three-Jenni Henderson, Four-Lindsey Eramo, Five- Katelyn Sussli , Six-Molly McGeeney, Seven-Molly Kelsey, Eight-Jessie Geraci, Nine-Carolyn Eyre, Ten- Miranda Grigas, Eleven- Kelly Fuller, 

SMAC Cross Country Awards:  

  • Cornerstone Award: 2007: Dani Dailey
  • Coach’s Award: 2004: Jenna Pilipovich; 2005: Dani Dailey ; 2006: Lauren Paasch; 2007: Katrina Maricocchi;  2008: Sarah Stark;  
  • Most Valuable: 2004: Kelsey Gault; 2005: Mackenzie Harrell; 2006: Dani Dailey ; 2007: Dani Dailey;  2008: Hayley Hillberg  2009:  Kelly Fuller;  2010:  Kelly Fuller
  • Most Improved: 2005: Cassie Miller; 2006: Megan Downey; 2007: Claire Williams;  2008:  Carolyn Eyre, 2009;  2010:  Claire Abele
  • Most Improved Impact: 2005: Andrea Wolf; 2006: Colleen Butler; 2007: Rita Maricocchi;  2008:  Kelly Fuller, 
  • Team Spirit Leader: 2004: Mary Price; 2005: Natalie Torbeck; 2006: Cassie Miller; 2007: Katelyn Sussli,
  • Longevity Award: 2004: Holly Schnicke
  • Golden Shoe: 2006: Dani Dailey ; 2007: Dani Dailey
  • Silver Sock: 2007: Alaina Kappner
  • Bronze Shoelace: 2007: Katrina Maricocchi
  • Captain's Award: 2008: Alaina Kappner and Rita Maricocchi
  • Strength Award:  2009: Rebecca Shulte;  2010:  Maggie Moeller;
  • Motivation Award: 2009: Rita Maricocchi;  2010:  Maria Weisgerber;
  • 'And' Award:  2009: Katherine Holly;  2010:  Emma Schaffer;
  • Courage Award:  2009: Maria Weisgerber;  2010:  Rebecca Schulte;
  • Young Performer Award:  2009: Johanna Admiraal;  2010:  Maggie Taylor
  • Perfect Attendance: 2006: Dani Dailey; 2007: Dani Dailey;  2008:  Alaina Kappner
  • Most Spirited:  2010:  Jessie Geraci;

Captains' Awards:  

  • Dream, Believe, Achieve: 2008: Lisa Campalongo
  • Strength: 2008:  Margo Wolf
  • Motivation: 2008: Elizabeth Holly
  • Courage: 2008: Alli Raftery
  • Captain's Award: 2008: Hayley Hillberg
  • Screamer: 2008: Carolyn Eyre
  • Spirit Award: 2008:  Jessie Geraci
  • Most Improved: 2008: Rebecca Schulte
  • Dream Award: 2009: Catherine O'Connell;  2010:  Catherine O'Connell;
  • Believe Award: 2009: Emma Shaffer;  2010:  Allison Carter;
  • Achieve Award: 2009:  Sarah Stark;  2010:  Johanna Admiraal
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Cross Country Season Rosters


Team: Jess White, Anna Finke, Tierney Coleman, Claire Dolan, Kelly Maglocci, Patricia Babcock, Ali Crable, Annie Butler, Holly Schnicke

Coaches: Tim Butler, Dave Prenger

Program Coordinator: Tim Butler

Season Archive


Team: Jess White, Anna Finke, Tierney Coleman, Sarah Marshall, Kelly Maglocci, Patricia Babcock, Mary Price, Annie Butler, Holly Schnicke

Coaches: Tim Butler, Dave Prenger

Program Coordinator: Tim Butler

Season Archive


Team: Lauren Paasch, Kayla Walters, Patricia Babcock, Allison Willhide, Holly Schnicke, Danielle King, Kelsey Gault, Alli Kelsey, Natalie Torbeck, Andrea Wolf, Jenna Pilipovich, Mary Price, Jamie Naber

Coach: Dave Prenger

Program Coordinator: Donna Schnicke

Season Archive


Team: Kelsey Gault, Lauren Paasch, Dani Dailey, Jamie Naber, Megan Carter, Chelsea Kuchik, Sami Dailey, Danielle King, Natalie Torbeck, Stephanie Niemiec, Cassie Miller, Allison Weaver, Kayla Walters, Jenna Pilipovich, Andrea Wolf, Mackenzie Harrell

Coach: Dave Prenger

Program Coordinator: Marcia Paasch

Season Archive


Team: Lauren Paasch, Cassie Miller, Allison Weaver, Colleen Butler, Abbey Hnat, Amber Peters, Megan Schnicke, Elena Lohr, Anna Rutousky, Jenni Henderson, Haley Thocker, Dani Dailey, Katelyn Sussli, Megan Downey

Coach: Dave Prenger

Program Coordinators: Marcia Paasch, Kim Dailey

Season Archive


Team: Dani Dailey, Katelyn Sussli, Megan Downey, Katrina Maricocchi, Alaina Kappner, Claire Williams, Hayley Hilberg, Courtney Naber, Rita Maricocchi, Hannah Sagel, Sarah Stark, Katherine Holly, Danielle Stiene, Randi Dailey, Maggie Moeller, Rebecca Schulte, Caitlyn Rowane, Molly McGeeney

Coaches: Dave Prenger, Dave Robinson

Program Coordinators: Kim Dailey, Kim Downey

Season Archive


Team: Hannah Olberding, Courtney Naber, Kelly Fuller, Lauren Walsh, Margo Wolf, Lisa Campolongo, Randi Dailey, Cameron Carothers, Elizabeth Holly, Rebecca Schulte, Jessie Geraci, Hayley Hilberg, Katherine Holly, Sarah Stark, Claire Williams, Rita Maricocchi, Alaina Kappner, Molly Driscoll, Molly McGeeny, Maggie Moeller, Megan Olgilbee, Ali Raftery, Hannah Sagel, Danielle Steine, Carolyn Eyre

Coaches: Shawn Kappner, Mark Holly

Program Coordinators: Kim Dailey, Amy Maricocchi

Season Archive



Team: Kelly Fuller, Rebecca Shulte, Rita Maricocchi, Maria Weisgerber, Johanna Admiraal, Katherine Holly, Emma Shaffer, Sarah Stark, Allison Carter, Jessie Geraci, Maggie Moeller, Brooke Skladany, Lisa Campalongo, Liz Holly, Molly McGeeney, Carolyn Eyre, Catherine O'Connell

Coaches:  Dave Robinson, Mark Holly, Cheryl Shulte

Program Coordinators:  Cheryl Shulte and Amy Maricocchi

Season Archive



Team: Kelly Fuller, Johanna Admiraal, Maria Weisgerber, Rebecca Schulte, Allison Carter, Elizabeth Holly, Brooke Skladany, Maggie Moeller, Alexandra Goss, Emma Schaffer, Catherine O'Connell, Maggie Reardon, Claire Tulisak, Gabrielle Kroger, Rosalina Meyer-Haag, Claire Abele, Lisa Campalongo, Maggie Taylor, Madelyn Cummins, Sabrina Wolf, Christine Tulisak, Katie Kidwell, Taylor Mattos, Jessie Geraci

Coaches:  Mark Holly, Dave Robinson, Cheryl Schulte

Program Coordinator:  Cheryl Schulte

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SMAC Running Club, Loveland, Ohio
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